Implementation Support

Implementation is the the key to success. DataWorks Partners brings a record of successful data and analytics implementation to realize your goals.

  • Business Plan – We draft the proposal to your leadership or potential funders, so that they make informed decisions and are on the same page regarding implementation requirements. We work closely with you to spell out:
    • Personnel
    • Timeline
    • Milestones
    • Deliverables
    • Budget
    • Risks
  • Roadmap Development – A roadmap is an important tool for communicating progress and changes throughout the implementation process. We help you develop that roadmap, connect the appropriate stakeholders, and establish change management protocols.
  • RFP Specifications, Vendor Selection Assistance – We help you articulate what you need from potential partners and evaluate their proposals.
  • Recruitment and Hiring Plan, Position Descriptions – Building a strong team is crucial to your success. We provide assistance in answering key questions about characteristics of the positions you need, identifying approaches to maximize recruitment reach, and writing the ads to attract right candidates.
  • Skills Assessment Instruments – We develop customized frameworks for evaluating your team’s current state and training needs as well as assessing prospective employees’ competencies.
  • Governance – We help you to implement practical approaches to managing standards, access, quality, and communication; take simple steps to organizational discipline around data and analytics, wherever your institution is on the continuum from highly structured to organized chaos.
  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness
    • Workload Management/Ticketing Processes
    • Quality Assurance
    • Documentation Framework
  • Stakeholder Communication Plan and Support – A key factor in success of your data strategy is effective and sustained communication with a range of stakeholders. We help to map out your communication plan and can provide workshops for your team to develop communication tools (e.g., briefs, newsletters, presentations).

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