Reflections on Distributed (Remote) Work

While working on a contract with an entirely distributed company last year, I had a conversation with my primary contact about the distributed workplace. (This is a company with nearly 1,000 employees and no offices. They had been doing this for years before covid-19.) After a few weeks in that environment – still a noveltyContinue reading “Reflections on Distributed (Remote) Work”

Change in Higher Education Data and Analytics

The impacts of covid-19 on postsecondary institutions will be profound and lasting. Now, more than ever, institutions confront a critical need to build capacity to effectively manage and extract value from their data assets. Every higher education institution has an institutional research function, or IR. As I described in a chapter on “Higher Education DecisionContinue reading “Change in Higher Education Data and Analytics”

Some global lessons for technology-enabled change

Digital Estonia Estonia is fascinating. I’m not talking about the whole country, though I bet there’s much to marvel at. I’m talking here specifically about Estonian government. What? Of all the things to be fascinated with, you choose the public sector of a tiny Baltic country with about half the land mass and the sameContinue reading “Some global lessons for technology-enabled change”

Toward a data-powered organization

Three key components are necessary for managing change toward a data-powered organization. (1) Conceptualize a data ecosystem (2) Invest in the human resource foundation (3) Cultivate a mindset shift They are largely independent of the organization’s particular data assets and technologies. Data ecosystemBuild an ecosystem to adapt to changing conditions and technological advancements, able toContinue reading “Toward a data-powered organization”

The key ingredient is people

What do changing technologies, organizational expectations, politics, and market competition mean for campuses and university systems as you re-envision and build your next generation data infrastructure and analytics team? Bottom line: Your people and how you support them are the keys to successfully navigating the changing landscape and building a solid data strategy. Frequently, IContinue reading “The key ingredient is people”